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The G20 World Brain Mapping & Therapeutic Scientific Summit aims to contribute to President Obama’s BRAIN initiative and to expand action on the current and upcoming initiatives across the G20 nations, bringing the finest scientists, engineers, physicians and surgeons across the globe in order to rapidly introduce clinical solutions for neurological disorders, which cost the world economy hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

South Africa 2025

Goals of Neuroscience20, N20 (Brain, Spine and Mental Health)

  1. Build a global alliance for brain, spine and mental health/illness.
  2. Encourages a consortium approach to research and development.
  3. Advocates for a global harmonization of the related policies/standardization of data.
  4. Encourages a neuro-economical assessment of the future impact of disease, diagnostics and prevention.
  5. Encourages facilitating translation and commercialization of technologies across disciplines of science to rapidly identify and introduce new generation of therapeutics including stem cells, nanotechnology, device, and imaging (a nanobioelectronic consortium/ company spinoffs).
  6. Advocates for unifying global regulations and guidelines on clinical trials and drug/device – combination discovery.
  7. Advocates for advancing innovation in brain, spine, and mental health through a global partnership and new funding initiatives between academic centers, industry, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.
  8. Be a critical brain and spine consortium to facilitate integration of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality/augmented reality, supercomputing, multimodality brain mapping/imaging (MEG), cellular therapeutics, neurophotonics and/or devices which could address the fast tracking innovation, reduce the cost of the healthcare delivery and make it more efficient.
  9. Bring the global brain and spine initiatives together to identify best clinical and basic science practices and create a united front to push for new effective therapeutics.
  10. Set unified standard amongst all, for training, prevention, care, and advance therapeutics related to brain, spine and mental disorders including physicians, engineers, surgeons, nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopaths, physiologists, and other related disciplines.
  11. Provide capabilities at the local, regional, and national levels to advance practice of clinical neuroscience (brain, spine and mental health/illness) through advocacy by engaging health ministries and government programs across the globe.
  12. Advocate for a global research and innovation funding for brain, spine and mental health.
  13. Facilitating investment and commercialization of neuro-technologies for brain, spine and mental health/illness.
  14. Educate professionals, patients and families about the latest state of science, technology, innovation and policies in clinical neuroscience (brain, spine and mental health/illness).
  15. Provide accurate and up to date resources and data to the governments of G20 nation and beyond to adapt new policies for clinical neuroscience.
  16. Spread awareness amongst all to address mental/psychological issues such as PTSD for healthcare workers, anxiety and stress for patients, for those who lost jobs and about prospect of future after the pandemic and prevention of suicides in the present and post-COVID-19 era.

Neuroscience20 Supporting Publications

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With your attendance and support, this year’s N20 Summit looks forward to advance neurohealth policy to tackle neurological diseases.