Legislation & Initiatives

Legislation that promotes wellbeing.

Join us in the effort of bringing the best neurohealthcare policy for Californians, by Californians

Brain Mapping Day at the California State Assembly

Panel discussion with many of the leading authorities in clinical and translational neuroscience, brain mapping and therapeutics, drug and device development as well as biotech spinoff strategies helping create jobs in CA.

Brain Research Day at the Canadian Parliament

Focuses on educating Canadian law makers about the state-of-the-art science, technology and brain policy in neuroscience.


Better NeuroHealth through evidence based policy.

This event aims to create Global Partnerships for Fast Tracking Brain, Spine and Mental Health Therapeutics and Innovation.

Annual Brain Mapping Day at the US Congress

Focuses on educating lawmakers about new technologies and innovations in the field of neuroscience, enabling policies that are aligned with advancements made in science and technology. Millions of Americans are impacted by neuro-psychiatric, neurological disorders, and spinal disorders, creating a great need for proper regulation.

Brain Mapping Day at the Australian Parliament

Focuses on discovering Brain Function and Dysfunction through translation, integration, commercialization and Innovation of Neurotechnologies

Brain Technology & Innovation Park

Expedite introduction of diagnostics & therapeutics for neurological disorders by facilitating strategic partnership amongst governmental agencies, academia, various stage biotech & pharmaceutical companies, startups, non-profit organizations, philanthropists, venture funds, hedge funds & angel investors for an Investor Symposium & Workshop

Join Us at the US Congress
October 19th, 2023