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Events that Highlight Neurosciences

Our academic, fundraising, economic, and investor events are designed to accelerate the development and adoption of diagnostics and therapeutics, from conception to implementation in the general population.

SBMT Events

Events that Highlight Neurosciences.

  • Annual Neurotech Convention of  SBMT
  • Neuroscience20
  • Brain Initiatives
    Middle-East (ME+) Brain Initiative
  • Congressional Briefing
  • Brain Mapping Day at Canadian Parliament
  • Brain Mapping Day at Australian Parliament
  • Brain Mapping Day at California State Assembly
  • GFC Awards Gala
  • N20 Global Neuro-Policy Awards
  • Global Physicians and Surgeons
  • Brain Technology and Innovation Park
  • National Center of NanoBioElectronics

This world-class scientific event will bring together leading physicians, scientists, policy makers, funding agencies, and industry representatives to advance the applications of brain and spinal cord mapping and image-guided therapies (operative and non-operative). The meeting will facilitate the integration of nanotechnology, cellular therapy, medical devices, and imaging. The theme of the meeting is “Breaking Boundaries of Science, Technology, Medicine, Art, and Healthcare Policy.”

The Annual Neurotech Convention of SBMT​

Your Participation Changes Lives.

The Neurotech Convention is an internationally renowned event that has garnered tremendous support from the US government, as well as numerous esteemed universities and institutions across the globe. This highly anticipated gathering will provide attendees with unparalleled access to the latest breakthroughs and cutting-edge advancements in an array of fields including neuroscience, engineering, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology, molecular biology, neurology, radiology, and oncology. With a focus on knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and innovation, the Neurotech Convention promises to offer a unique opportunity for professionals and researchers alike to expand their horizons and gain fresh insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of neurotechnology. So, mark your calendars and be a part of this transformative event that is set to redefine the way we approach brain science and revolutionize the field of neuroscience!

Global Healthcare Policy Advocacy

Global Partnership for fast-tracking Brain, Spine & Mental Health Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Med-tech Innovation.


Your Participation Changes Lives.

The Neuroscience20 of Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics is committed to building a comprehensive global consortium of Brain Initiatives that work together to combat the devastating effects of Neuropsychiatric disorders around the world. Our team of dedicated professionals is actively engaged in advancing the field of neuroscience, exploring new therapies and treatment options, and collaborating with experts across various disciplines to achieve our ultimate goal of improving the lives of those affected by these debilitating conditions. With our focus on research, education, and outreach, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of discovery and progress.

Our mission is to establish a strong regional consortium on brain, spine, and mental health, dedicated to addressing neurological disorder challenges in the Middle East and Balkans. Operating under the banner of SBMT, we proudly introduce the Middle-East (ME)+ Brain Initiative, a concerted effort to leverage our collective talent and expertise for the betterment of our communities.

Middle-East (ME+) Brain Initiative

Objective: Our mission is to establish a collaborative regional consortium, called MIDDLE EAST (ME) + Brain Initiative, uniting brain, spine and mental health experts in the Middle East & Balkans region. Together under the banner of SBMT, our goal is to tackle neurological disorders prevalent in the area. Topics covered will encompass a comprehensive range of specialties, including Neurosurgery, Neurology, Neuroradiology, Psychiatry, Neurotechnology, Neuroengineering, and related policies and practices aimed at preserving and enhancing brain health.

Our vision is to empower healthcare providers and researchers in the region to engage in creative collaborations, share the latest knowledge, and develop innovative solutions for the betterment of individuals with neurological disorders. With a focus on excellence, compassion, and equity, MIDDLE EAST (ME) + Brain Initiative is committed to driving positive change in brain health outcomes for the local communities we serve.

Seeks to promote and develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, as well as educational and preventive strategies to maintain and restore brain function. A concerted, focused, and goal-oriented effort based on interagency and interdisciplinary collaboration can efficiently advance medical technology, drive job creation (e.g., biotech spin-offs), and foster infrastructure development. 

Brain Mapping Day

One of the greatest challenges of the early 21st century is translating and transferring cutting-edge research and advances from the nation’s diverse research laboratories into the clinical setting.

Addressing this challenge requires the collaboration of organizations from both the public and private sectors, as well as the active engagement of the scientific community and healthcare professionals.

The SBMT and the World Brain Mapping Foundation have played a key role in developing and implementing numerous national and global brain initiatives, including President Obama’s Brain Initiative, President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative, IEEE Brain, Neuroscience20 (Brain, Spine, Mental Health), the Middle East (ME+) Brain Initiative, the African Brain Initiative, the Latin America (LATAM) Brain Initiative, and the Asia-Pacific (AP) Brain Initiative.

  • California State Senate
  • US Congress
  • Australian Parlament
  • Canadian Parlament

The GPS Initiative is a critical component of the SBMT’s mission to improve global brain health. By providing medical humanitarian assistance, the SBMT is helping to ensure that people have access to the medical care they need.

Global Physicians and Scientists

Purpose of the Global Physicians and Surgeons (GPS) Initiative:

The GPS Initiative is an collaboration between diverse foundations, including the World Brain Mapping Foundation, Sunder Foundation; with the goal of providing medical humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, including:

  • Combat casualty care: The GPS Initiative will provide training and support to Ukrainian physicians and neurosurgeons in the field of combat casualty care. This includes training on how to treat injuries sustained in war, such as gunshot wounds, shrapnel wounds, and blast injuries.
  • Medical supply support: The GPS Initiative will provide medical supplies to hospitals and clinics. This includes supplies such as bandages, antibiotics, and surgical equipment.

The GPS Initiative is a critical component of the SBMT’s mission to improve global brain health. By providing medical humanitarian assistance, the SBMT is helping to ensure that people have access to the medical care they need.