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Fellows & Interns mentorship program

Building futures, shaping lives, preparing the Innovators of tomorrow.

Fellows & Interns mentorship program

 Educational and learning objectives:

This volunteer research Fellowship and Internship program aims to provide training and mentorship opportunities for young researchers to advance their skills, gain hands- on research experience, and enhance their understanding of ethical principles and practices; while guiding their careers and building their character to be the future leaders in the field.


The program is open to:

– Fellows
International Medical Doctors National (US Based) Medical Doctors Ph.D. candidates
Post-doctoral students
Master in Sciences

– Interns
Medical Students
Completed Bachelor’s Degree
High School and College students

Selection Process:

Applicants will submit their CV/Resume and a Statement letter (not more than 350 words). They will be contacted by the Chief Operations Officer, who will refer them to the selection committee. A decision will be taken with senior management based on experience, eagerness to collaborate, and a four-week trial period.

Fellowship and Internship Duration:

The program will last twelve months for fellows and 6 months (automatic renewal) for interns.

Strategy Sessions: Fellows and Interns will attend weekly strategy sessions that will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the research Fellows and Internship program, such as:

  • Research Methods: Principles and practices of research design, data collection, and analysis.
  • Ethical Issues in Research: Responsibility of researchers towards human or animal subjects, ethical data management and publication, research misconduct, and conflict of interest.
  • Publication: Peer review, plagiarism, authorship, managing issues related to scientific misconduct, and good publishing practices.
  • Career Development: Development and Executions of US scientific conferences.
  • Based on performance, fellows may experience working in start-ups and companies.

Networking: Fellows and Interns will be able to interact with other Fellows, interns, and faculty members and attend research seminars and conferences.

The Fellowship Program will have the following benefits:
– Fellows travel and housing will be covered by SBMT to attend the AWC annual conference. (Once per cycle).
– Selected Fellows will also have complimentary tickets to the annual GFC Awards Gala.
– Fellows who consistently do outstanding work, for more than one year, will be nominated for an award in the GFC Awards Gala.
– Approved Research Paper publications and Posters publications will be funded by the SBMT and WBMF.

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COVID-19: A 3-year Review Update of the Neurological Aspects of the 21st Century Pandemic From Etiology to Neuro-psychiatric Implications

Previous Posters By Fellows and Interns

Oral Presentations | Annual World Congress SBMT
Fellows and Interns will be required to present their research findings at the end of the program, in poster format, at the Annual World Congress of SBMT.


Virtual conducted working groupGlobal
Subcommittees are steered and directed by the Scientific Committee. All subcommittee chairs are encouraged to maintain a constant communication with the Chair of the Scientific Committee: Dr. Babak Kateb. Fellows appointed to subcommittees are approved directly by the Scientific Committee chair.

Projects and Publications

Friday February 17th, 2023 Intercontinental Hotel | Downtown Los Angeles, USA
Landmark publications with world-class faculty and stellar fellows and interns.

Important Documents

With your attendance and support, this year’s N20 Summit looks forward to advance neurohealth policy to tackle neurological diseases.