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MEGIN CEO Speaks at Neuroscience-20 World Brain Mapping Summit in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Dec. 6, 2018 — Janne Huhtala, CEO of MEGIN, a manufacturer of magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology for functional brain imaging, spoke about the future innovation of MEG technology during the Fifth Annual G20 World Brain Mapping Summit/Neuroscience 20.

The N20, held on November 26-27, in Buenos Aries, Argentina, brought together leading specialists, directors of International Brain Initiatives and medical associations presidents, to discuss the global economic impact of neurological disorders and build greater collaboration in fields related to epilepsy, mental health, neuro-oncology, neurotrauma, spine and neurosurgery. N20 leaders published resolution 27112018 with consensus recommendations that will address the economic burden of brain, spine and other nervous system disorders that amount to over $13 Trillion USD annually by introducing game-changing diagnostics and therapeutics such as MEG.

During the N20 summit, Huhtala addressed how the use of functional brain imaging with MEG has impacted patient care and led to translational research of challenging neurological conditions. He explained that through understanding brain connectivity, there is the potential for the clinical community to develop new methods of improving the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases. 

“It was an honor to present to a room of esteemed leaders in neuroscience community from around the world,” said Huhtala. “The focus of the conference aligns with our corporate goals of innovating MEG technology and we look forward to supporting the clinical community in search of ways to better understand how the brain is connected.”

“MEG is a great technology that has been neglected for years,” said Dr. Babak KatebGlobal President and Chairman of Neuroscience-20 (N20), Chairman of the board and CEO of Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), President of Brain Mapping Foundation, Director of National Center for NanoBioElectronic (NCNBE) and Director of Brain Technology and Innovation Park (BTIP).

“Our patients have been deprived of access to this technology for decades. It is refreshing to see MEGIN has a convincing strategic plan to make this technology as prevalent and accessible as MRI. This could not have been possible without the visionary leadership of Mr. Janne Huhtala who has a track record in neurotech innovation, clearly understands the technology/field and has a passion to help millions of patients through cutting-edge technology. This is a great example of how N20 could bring advanced therapeutics and diagnostics to the millions of patients through global collaborations,” said Kateb.


Based in Helsinki, Finland, MEGIN has been the largest provider of MEG technology for functional brain imaging. TRUIX™ neo, launched in 2018, is the fourth-generation system introduced for the presurgical evaluation of epilepsy, brain tumors, or other lesions, and surgical planning for localization of sensory information. With a dynamic view of the human brain, TRIUX neo is a non-invasive, real-time, patient-specific view of neural activity with millimeter accuracy and millisecond resolution.

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