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We are grateful to have leadership team filled with inspiring and dedicated members with a broad range of experience.

Gathering For Cure Awards

The Beacon Award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary courage and dedication for increasing awareness about neurological diseases, and for patients and their families who have exceeded expectations in fighting a neurological disorder with unprecedented courage. The Beacon Award identifies remarkable individuals who set the highest standards for increasing awareness of, and fighting, neurological diseases.

The Humanitarian Award is given to physicians and scientists who have contributed significantly to survival and quality of life of patients across the Globe.

The Pioneer in Technology Award is presented to the trail blazing companies and their CEOs/presidents who have facilitated the development of pioneering technologies through interdisciplinary approaches that have impacted diagnostics, treatment, and healthcare delivery in unprecedented ways.

The Pioneer in Medicine Award is presented to individuals who have significantly contributed to the scientific advancement in the fields of medicine and image guided therapy through a multidisciplinary approach. Their groundbreaking contributions have made development of state-of-the-art technology and scientific discovery a reality.

The Pioneer in Healthcare Policy Award is presented to lawmakers who have demonstrated visionary and crossdisciplinary approaches to introducing laws that have contributed to the advancement of science, technology, education, and medicine. They have paved the way to better integration of such advancements in other fields, like medicine and neuroscience. These lawmakers champion better healthcare for all.

The Golden Axon Leadership Award is presented to individuals outside of the medical community who inspire with good will and an enthusiastic interest in science, technology and medicine. Named for the neuron cell fiber that carries outgoing messages to other target cells, the founding principle of the Axon Award is to recognize a highly regarded individual in the public sector who helps raise awareness and funding of WBMF and its mission in the community via fundraising event(s) and activities.

The WBMF Young Investigator’s Initiative is designed to recognize promising young scientists performing work in the brain sciences relevant to the World Brain Mapping Foundation. While this year’s awardees will not be receiving any financial incentives, this recognition will be a stepping stone for future recognition within and beyond the WBMF’s wide ranging collaborative partners.

The WBMF Student Service and Leadership Award is given to recognize excellence and commitment to dedicated fellows, interns, and students who have contributed to the advancement of medicine, specifically the neurosciences.

Late Robin Sidhu (1988 – 2015), a young ebullient science driven and information technology (IT) savvy person, died of an accident at an early age. His mission to accomplish in-depth understanding of human mind and health remained incomplete due to his early departure but his legacy will remain through supporting young innovative minds in science through this award.

Beacon of Courage and Dedication Award

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Humanitarian Award

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Pioneer in Technology Development Award

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Pioneer in Medicine Award

Shouleh Nikzad

2013 Award Recipient
Senior Research Scientist, NASA/JPL

Rafat Ansari

2013 Award Recipient
Human Research Program NASA/ GRC

Wieslaw L. Nowinski

2013 Award Recipient
Principal Scientist, Lab Director, Biomedical Imaging Lab Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore

Andres Lozano

2012 Award Recipient
Senior Scientist, Division of Brain Imaging & Behaviour Systems – Neuroscience Toronto Western Research Institute (TWRI)

Pioneer in Healthcare Policy Award

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Golden Axon leadership Award

Wes Ashford

14th President of SBMT (2016-2017), WBMF Golden Axon Award, 2017 | Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Subcommittee SBMT 2023- 2024
Dr. Ashford is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (affiliated) at Stanford University and the Director of the War Related Illness and Injury Study Center at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. Dr. Ashford also serves as a Senior Research Scientist at the Stanford / VA Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Research Centers. He is Chair of the Memory Screening Advisory Board of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and a Senior Editor of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Warren Wilson Boling Jr

15th president of SBMT, WBMF Golden Axon Award Recipient, 2018
Warren Wilson Boling Jr., MD, FAAN, FRCSC, FRACS has been appointed chair, department of neurosurgery at Loma Linda University.

Jeffrey C. Wang

16th president of SBMT, WBMF Golden Axon Award Recipient, 2019
Dr. Wang’s reputation for consistently providing excellent patient care, outstanding qualifications and experience has earned him immense respect from patients and physicians alike.

Saleem Abdulrauf

17th president SBMT, WBMF Golden Axon Award Recipient, 2020
American physician specializing in neurosurgery in St. Louis, Missouri, who has helped develop high-flow brain bypass surgery, a less invasive procedure for treating intracranial aneurysm than methods used previously. He is the Neurosurgeon-in-Chief at the Abdulrauf Institute of Neurosurgery. He is the Founding Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Saint Louis University School of Medicine and Director of the Center for Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery at Saint Louis University Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Young Investigator Award

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Student Service and Leadership Award

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Amir Goodarzi

UCLA Student Chapter, 2007 Award Recipient | Research Fellow 2017- 2018
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Robin Sidhu Memorial Young Scientist Award

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