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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and WASHINGTON, April 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — X2 Biosystems, the leader in head impact safety solutions, today announced their participation at the 5th Annual Brain Mapping Day at the US Congress on April 20 in Washington, D.C. The event was organized by the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), the Brain Mapping Foundation (BMF), the National Center for NanoBioElectronics, and the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus.

During his presentation, X2 Chairman and CEO John Ralston, Ph.D., highlighted opportunities to correlate data from wearable head-impact sensors with computerized impact simulations and high resolution brain mapping to monitor, assess, and reduce the risks of brain injury in athletic and military environments.

“We are honored to have this opportunity to support the efforts of SBMT and share our work with the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus,” said Dr. Ralston. “Combining X2’s wearable impact sensor solutions with high-performance data analytics platforms will enable significant breakthroughs in correlating real-time head impact data with multiple additional data streams, both at the network edge and in the cloud, to significantly enhance brain health and safety during athletic and military training exercises and sporting events.”

The wide range of impairments to cognitive, motor, and sensory functions that can result from repetitive head impacts, often coupled with additional emotional and behavioral symptoms, has become recognized as an enormous public health challenge. Although much recent focus has been directed specifically at the issue of concussion injuries, a growing body of research is revealing that significant long-term brain injuries may result from cumulative head impacts even in the absence of clinically diagnosed concussion symptoms.

In order to address this challenge, X2 Biosystems is developing solutions that combine the company’s “X-Patch” wearable head impact sensors with high-performance analytics platforms to address important goals such as:

“We are grateful for the participation of industry leaders such as X2 Biosystems at the 5th Annual Brain Mapping Day,” said Aaron Filler, M.D., Ph.D., J.D., President of SBMT. “This is a fine example of government, industry, academia, and non-profit partnership to drive collaboration across multiple scientific and engineering disciplines, and to facilitate rapid introduction of life saving technologies for brain health, fitness, and therapeutics.”

About X2 Biosystems (
X2 Biosystems merges wearable impact monitoring devices, neurocognitive assessment tools, wireless communications, and cloud data analytics to deliver the complete continuum of care in concussion management that athletic, medical, military, and industrial markets are now demanding in order to reduce the incidence, risks, and costs of head impacts and concussion injuries. X2 has offices in Redwood City, CA, and Seattle, WA.

About The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT)
( The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) is a non-profit society organized for the purpose of encouraging basic and clinical scientists who are interested in areas of brain mapping, engineering, stem cell, nanotechnology, imaging and medical device to improve the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients afflicted with neurological disorders. The society promotes the public welfare and improves patient care through the translation of new technologies/therapies into lifesaving diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The society is committed to excellence in education and scientific discovery. The society achieves its mission through multi-disciplinary collaborations with government agencies, patient advocacy groups, educational institutes, industry, and philanthropic organizations.

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