Visual Processing

The Visual Processing and Retinal Neuromodulation SBMT Subcommittee focuses on research on retinal processing and its impact on modulation
of autonomic, endocrine and limbic functions, visual influence on movement and behavior (including mental health diagnoses), effect of delayed visual development in autism and other developmental disabilities, visual circuitry disruptions from autonomic dysregulation, concussions and other brain injuries, advancements in optical assessments, sensory integration, virtual augmented/mixed reality.

Mariia Bilorosiuk

MD | Research Scientist (2024), Lead Research Fellow (2023)

Aysha Noor

MD | Research Fellow (2021-2024) | 2024 Student Service and Leadership Award

Nataliya Bilger

MD | Research Fellow (2021-2023)

Susanne E. Strand

Clinical Research Associate | Research Fellow (2019-2021)

Vahid Mohammadzadeh

Visual Processing and Retinal Modulation Subcommittee SBMT 2023-2024
Glaucoma Clinical and Research Fellow, Stein Eye Institute, UCLA. 2- Glaucoma Research Fellow

Delia Cabrera Debuc

Visual Processing and Retinal Modulation Subcommittee SBMT 2023-2024
Dr. Cabrera DeBuc’s laboratory research focuses on developing methods and algorithms to quantify pathological features and treatment-induced changes in patients with ocular and neurological diseases. The primary focus is to develop quantitative tools to improve ocular imaging and image processing analysis for clinical use as well as to identify novel imaging biomarkers of the onset and progression of ophthalmic and neurological diseases using advanced optical imaging (e.g., OCTA, LSFG, RFI, cSLO). The lab also has an interest in developing and translating low-cost multimodal approaches for eye screening integrated with telemedicine and artificial intelligence applications in primary care and community settings.

Amy Pruszenski

Visual Processing and Retinal Modulation Subcommittee SBMT 2023-2024
Amy Pruszenski, OD, FCOVD graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science. She graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 1993. She has been providing Neuro-Developmental vision care for the past 23 years, collaborating with other health care providers to ensure a coordinated approach.
Deborah Zelinsky, OD

Deborah Zelinsky

21st President of SBMT (2023-2024), WBMF Golden Axon Award, 2022 | Visual Processing and Retinal Modulation Subcommittee SBMT 2023-2024
Deborah Zelinsky, O.D. is an optometrist noted worldwide for her work in neuro-optometric rehabilitation. Currently, she serves as founder and executive research director of The Mind-Eye Institute, based in Northbrook, Illinois.