Federal deputy Luiz Couto received in his office, on Tuesday (11/07), a delegation composed by the neurosurgeon and president of the Northeastern Society of Neurosurgery, Marcos Wagner de Sousa Porto, and the president of the Society of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics and organizer of N20 India (Neuroscience20), Babak Kateb. The meeting aimed to discuss the mental health of the elderly and the aging process in Latin America, in addition to talking about new equipment that can contribute to medicine, through Artificial Intelligence for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and brain disorders.

“We were approached by these specialists in neurosurgery to build a bridge with the ministries and we very openly welcomed this effort to seek innovative and advanced solutions for the treatment of brain diseases and issues related to aging. The team showed us the importance of artificial intelligence and new medical equipment in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the brain and aging, which we understand as essential in today’s times, with the evolution of medicine and neuroscience, for the well-being of people, especially with regard to aging with quality of life”, highlighted Luiz Couto.

Meetings in Ministries – After talking with the specialists, the deputy scheduled meetings and took the entourage to the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Science, Technology and Innovation.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the deputy and the entourage were received by the first secretary, Flávio Luís Pazeto, responsible for the General Coordination of the G20. The entourage that accompanied the Deputy, in addition to the neurosurgeon Marcos Wagner de Sousa Porto and the president of the Brain Mapping and Therapeutics Society, Babak Kateb, also had the presence of the president of Associação Reabilitar, Benjamim Pessoa Vale.

One of the main subjects discussed was the Federal Government’s support for the participation of the country’s representatives in the event in New Delhi, India, which will take place on September 8, 2023. On that occasion, a debate will be held on the N20 – Brazil – 2024, an event scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro in November 2024.

The central objective of N20 – Brazil – 2024 is to focus on the discussion of the mental health of the elderly and the aging process in Latin America. To this end, the Brazilian government seeks to strengthen the G20 government track, ensuring effective and relevant participation in the meeting.

During the meeting, First Secretary Flávio Luís Pazeto expressed his gratitude for the visit of Deputy Luiz Couto and stressed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs always has its doors open to accept his demands. He also highlighted the government’s interest in accompanying and actively participating in the G20 government track, especially in issues related to the mental health of the elderly.

At the Ministries of Health and Science and Technology, the delegation was received by Minister Luciana Santos. One of the points discussed was the minister’s request for support for the development of research on epilepsy.

According to neurosurgeon Marcos Wagner Porto, many patients from Paraíba need to travel to Goiânia for treatment. According to the specialist, Paraíba needs to build a specific treatment center for epilepsy, with research and innovative technology.

In addition, the minister was also invited by Babak Kateb to participate in the thematic groups that will meet in New Delhi, on September 8 of this year, to discuss the issue of mental health in Latin America.

The parliamentarian and the doctors also handed over an invitation for the minister to participate in the XIX Northeastern Congress of Neurosurgery, which will take place between November 23 and 25, 2024, in Recife. The congress will be attended by doctors from different countries, such as China, Finland, Argentina, United States and India.

The Minister stated that the Brazilian government is rescuing policies aimed at the development of research and social development policies that had been undone during the Bolsonaro administration. She pointed out that they will resume the agenda with the health technological complex, uniting the health and technology portfolios to present a specific document on mental health at the G6, which brings together Brazil, Australia, India, the United States, the European Union and Japan. In addition, “the Ministry of Technology and Sciences recovered a budgetary support fund to finance scientific research in the country. The Lula government is committed to promoting advances in Brazilian research and science,” said the minister at the meeting.

Luciana Santos also informed that she is forming a working group with doctors from Brazil and abroad to address the issue and promptly invited doctors Marcos Wagner de Sousa Porto, Babak Kateb and Benjamim Pessoa Vale to participate. Deputy Luiz Couto will be the guest of honor

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