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Üsküdar University family and volunteer students who went to support Kahramanmaraş after the earthquakes that were effective in 11 provinces based in Kahramanmaraş on February 6 and called the disaster of the century came together with President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan and Rector Prof. Nazife Güngör in the senate hall.

Üsküdar University ranks first among the universities that send the most volunteers to the earthquake region among the university organizations on the Anatolian side. Most of the aid provided to the earthquake region was carried out by the clubs of which the students were members within the scope of the Health, Culture and Sports Department of the university. Among the student clubs that the students participated in, there were student clubs such as AFAD Club, Kızılay Club, Psychology Club, Büyüdüm Çocuk Oldum (I Grew Up to Be a Child Club), Outdoor Sports Club and Metaverse and Entrepreneurship Club.

Tarhan and Güngör accepted the Üsküdar family who carried out volunteer work in the earthquake region.

President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan and Üsküdar University Rector Prof. Nazife Güngör accepted the Üsküdar students, who carried out successful voluntary activities, in the Senate hall.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “This is an act of volunteerism and devotion”

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan stated that he was very touched by the sensitivity shown by the students after the earthquake and said: “You have started an act of kindness. This is an act of volunteerism and dedication. On the first day of the earthquake, you gathered among yourselves although we did not say anything, and you made over 1500 packages. This is a really important event, a great series of memories that you will never forget in your university life and in your own life. Whether this is also a beginning for you, being able to use this intention, effort and this perspective in every positive and negative event in life is a great life experience and an important gain for you. These disasters and difficult conditions are a more maturing process for young people.”.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Let’s turn it into a book under the name of earthquake diary”

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan emphasized that students should act as a team in an organized manner and said that “The biggest reason you can create this beautiful union right now is because you can be organized. Since you can be organized and work in teams, everyone is a part of this team. That’s why some of them stand out more and some of them stay in the background, but in the end, they are all part of this team. In this respect, it is very important to maintain this excitement. As an institution, our duty is to create our ground and provide opportunities against such activities. In order for this act of kindness to be permanent, we need to keep it alive on our own digital platforms, we need to continue this movement so that it can be an example to young people and others can benefit from it as a reference. It is really important to turn the experiences here into a documentary. Everyone should write about their experiences while they are fresh, and we can even turn them into a book under the name of an earthquake diary if necessary.”.

Prof. Nazife Güngör: “University means leading the society”

Prof. Nazife Güngör stated that Üsküdar University students were models and leaders after the disaster of the century and said that “I wish such an incident and disaster had not happened, but it is happening when it does, my friends. University means to lead the society, and we will do what is necessary in this direction and you are doing it. Congratulations on being embraced this situation. You are an example to young people, an example to the society and a support to the society.”.

Göngör: “Every student should write about their experiences”

Prof. Nazife Güngör, who continued her remarks on earthquake diaries, said: “Each of our friends should express their feelings because the emotional relationship you all have is different even though you have all seen the same environments. One of you is influenced by little Tuğba, the other by a quote by little Mehmet, so if you express these feelings personally in the form of a few pages of essays, each of you will have a part. These essays are organized by a professor or a friend with a strong pen, and we publish our page in digital book format as Üsküdar Publications under the name of earthquake diary. In this way, we will make these experiences permanent.”.

Teknofest Finalists came together

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine Metaverse and Entrepreneurship Club students participated in Teknofest with the “META-TIP” project. The team was among the finalists at Teknofest with 89.5 points.

In the project team carried out under the supervision of Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics Cihan Taştan and Dr. Nebiye Yaşar, Project Captain Intern Dr. Mustafa Şanverdi from Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine, Üsküdar University Computer Engineering student Metaverse and Entrepreneurship Club President Emre Kaan Şanverdi participated voluntarily in the works carried out in the earthquake region.

Those who participated in the meeting held at the Central Campus Senate Hall are as follows; Üsküdar University Secretary General Şelçuk Uysaler, Young Minds Academy Application and Research Center Director Dr. Nebiye Yaşar, Haydi Tut Elimi (Hold My Hand) Association Secretary General Ayşe Banu Güncenci, HCS Department Head Özcan Demir, Corporate Communication Department Head Tahsin Aksu, HCS Manager Sadık Paksoy, Event Manager Dağhan Rasim Işık, HCS Event Specialist Meliha Merve Günaltay and Media Relations Specialist Ayşe Nur Akçelik İlgeç.

The event ended with a group photo shoot.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)