“The Society for Brain Mapping & Therapeutics (SBMT) will launch a new Collection with PLoS ONE called: The NeuroMapping & Therapeutics Collection,” announced Dr. Antonio A. F. Desalles, Spokesperson for SBMT and Professor of Neurosurgery at UCLA.

LOS ANGELES, July 3, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Imagine surgeons being trained in simulation rooms like pilots, or a robotic arm, which could take the place of an amputated limb, that is controlled by the brain through a helmet or an electrode.   One might think this is science fiction but these are examples of the type of research that was presented at the 9th Annual World Congress of SBMT at the Toronto Convention Center this month.  The SBMT annual meeting includes a collection of scientific presentations across disciplines such as nanotechnology, stem cell research, cellular therapies, medical devices, information technology, imaging, engineering, brain policy, basic and clinical neuroscience.  The scientific work of SBMT members will be published in the Collection that will be assembled in collaboration with PLoS ONE.

The readership of the Collection will include neurosurgeons, radiologists, neurologists, oncologists, physiologists, engineers (aeronautics, material biomedical, computer and electrical), nanotechnologists, immunologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists and radiation oncologists, among others. “PLoS ONE is excited to be working with the SBMT and providing a platform for the Society’s transition to open access,” said Dr. Damian Pattinson, Executive Editor of PLoS ONE.

PLoSONE-NMT collection and the blog have valuable information about latest papers published by the SBMT members and how to submit to this collection.

“As the physical and biological sciences continue to make major advances, the knowledge gaps amongst such disciplines also become more apparent. Thus one of the challenges of this century will be how to best educate physicians, surgeons, engineers and scientists about state-of-the-art technologies across multiple disciplines. SBMT’s mission is to continue to close such gaps through its annual congresses, satellite symposiums and publications,” said Dr. Babak Kateb, Founder & Chairman of the board of SBMT, President of Brain Mapping Foundation, Research Scientist at the Department of Neurosurgery Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Chairman of the editorial board of SBMT. 

The current collection contains a selection of very high quality publications, and the number of submissions continues to grow.  “We invite members of the Society to submit their work to this remarkable multidisciplinary publication platform and encourage other scientists to join the Society and take advantage of this publication opportunity, as well as to be a part of the impressive network we have built over last 10 years,” said Colonel Michael Roy, President of SBMT and Director of Military Internal Medicine at Uniformed Services University (USUHS).

SBMT is planning its 10th Annual World Congress for Brain Mapping in Baltimore, Maryland on May 12-14, 2013. Abstract submission is open and the PLoSONE-NMT Collection is accepting papers.

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SOURCE Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics

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