SBMT Keynote

Jonathan Thomas

CIRM Interim President and CEO
Jonathan Thomas, PhD, JD is the interim President and CEO of California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). Thomas was previously the Chair of the CIRM governing Board from June 2011 to 2023.

Melissa King

Chief Operating Officer and Founding Board Member of Healthspan Action Coalition
Passionate advocate for patients of chronic illness and disease as well as the medical research that can help reduce their suffering. An expert at engaging multiple stakeholders and communicating effectively with varied audiences, she has been a champion for the California stem cell research program since before it formally existed.

David Keyser

Military and Emergency Medicine Deputy, Director Traumatic Injury Research Program
Uniformed Services University School of Medicine Military and Emergency Medicine Deputy Director Traumatic Injury Research Program Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD Research Interests: TBI, PTSD, Assessment, Recovery

Dustin McDonald

Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development
The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) serves as the State of California’s leader for job growth and economic development efforts. GO-Biz offers a range of services to business owners including: attraction, retention and expansion services, site selection, permit streamlining, clearing of regulatory hurdles, small business assistance, international trade development, assistance with state government, and much more.

Drew Boyles

Mayor of El Segundo
In addition to serving as El Segundo’s Mayor, Drew Boyles is an entrepreneur and CEO of businesses in multiple states with several hundred employees. Drew achieved his Bachelor’s Degree by the age of 21, while fully enlisted in the US Navy. After the military, Drew quickly progressed through the leadership ranks at Brunswick Corporation and Starbucks Coffee, while solely raising his two sons. Drew went on to get his MBA in Finance from USC and became a Big 5 Management Consultant.

Richard Lundquist

President, Continental Development
As a 29-year Board member and former decade-long Chairman of the El Segundo Education Foundation, Richard recognizes the value and importance of a well-educated populace.  He believes that California’s future as a leading center of creativity and innovation is dependent upon a quality education of its youth, and he is committed to fostering a better-educated and informed generation of leaders. 

Ben Allen

California State Senator | Senate Select Committee on Mental Health and Addiction
Ben grew up in the 24th Senate District and attended public schools, graduating from Santa Monica High School in 1996. His father, Michael, spent his career on the English Department faculty at UCLA and mother, Elena, was a public school teacher and artist who served as Chair of the Santa Monica Arts Commission. Ben has a Bachelor of Arts degree magna cum laude in History from Harvard University; a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Cambridge; and a Juris Doctor degree from UC Berkeley. Fluent in Spanish, Ben is a Senior Fellow with the international human rights organization Humanity in Action, an Aspen Institute-Rodel Fellow, a Truman National Security Project Fellow, and a graduate of the Jewish Federation’s New Leaders Project.

Kim Budil, PhD

Kim Budil, PhD | KEYNOTE Annual World Congress SBMT 2024
Kimberly S. Budil sets the strategic vision for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and exercises broad delegated powers to ensure successful execution of programs and operations to enhance national security through application of cutting edge science and technology and to maintain an outstanding and diverse workforce. She leads the development and implementation of the Laboratory’s scientific vision, goals and objectives and serves as the Laboratory’s highest-level liaison with the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, the LLNS Board of Governors, the University of California and other government, public and private organizations.

Azra Raza, MD

Azra Raza, MD | KEYNOTE Annual World Congress SBMT 2024
Dr. Raza is a Professor of Medicine and Director of the MDS Center at Columbia University in New York, NY. She started her research in Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) in 1982 and moved to Rush University, Chicago, Illinois in 1992, where she was the Charles Arthur Weaver Professor in Oncology and Director, Division of Myeloid Diseases. The MDS Program, along with a Tissue Repository containing more than 50,000 samples from MDS and acute leukemia patients was successfully relocated to the University of Massachusetts in 2004 and to Columbia University in 2010. Before moving to New York, Dr. Raza was the Chief of Hematology Oncology and the Gladys Smith Martin Professor of Oncology at the University of Massachusetts in Worcester. She has published the results of her laboratory research and clinical trials in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Blood, Cancer, Cancer Research, the British Journal of Hematology, Leukemia, and Leukemia Research. Dr. Raza serves on numerous national and international panels as a reviewer, consultant, and advisor and is the recipient of a number of awards.

Sujuan Ba, PhD

Sujuan Ba, PhD | KEYNOTE Annual World Congress SBMT 2024
One of the Top 300 Women Leaders in Global Health
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