Peter Gruen, M.D.


Dr. Gruen has obtained his bachelor of science in History from Yale University and his M.D. from Columbia in 1986. Prior to his admission to the medical school he was history instructor in Lingnan College in Hong Kong (1976-1978), special education teacher at Foundation school (Orenge, CT, 1978-1979) and research assistant at Yale Child study Center (1980-1981). Dr. Gruen is Fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) language.Dr. Gruen did his neurosurgical residency at University of Southern California (USC). He has been part of the Los Angeles County, USC (LAC+USC) hospital administration team since 1993.  He served as interim medical director and associate dean at Los Angeles County General hospital for near 2 years.

Currently, he is an associate clinical professor of neurosurgery at keck-USC school of Medicine. Dr. Gruen is also very passionate about his patients, students, faculty and people around him. This is why he donated his time to P.A.T.H. (People Helping The Homeless) clinic as medical director of the organization. Dr. Gruen was awarded by County of Los Angeles for his dedication to medicine/neurosurgery through providing care for needy. Dr. Gruen?s research is focused on minimally invasive therapy, brain and spinal cord trauma as well as smart brain shunts. He is currently Director of Neuro-trauma at LAC+USC, member of board of directors of International Brain Mapping and Intra-operative Surgical Planning Society (IBMISPS). He played a very critical role in establishing the IBMISPS as an independent non-profit organization as one of the co-founders.