Why Become a SBMT Member?


24 Reasons to become a Member of SBMT

Your SBMT membership grants you opportunities to:

  1. ACCESS to SBMT University 
  2. LINK in with near 200,000+ scientists, engineers, surgeons and physicians on SBMT global network.
  3. PUBLISH in PLoS ONE NeuroMapping and Therapeutics
  4. PRESENT in a world Class Multidisciplinary biomedical association
  5. PROMOTE your company through multiple networking opportunities and develop contacts for first hand opportunities to apply for grants. 
  6. MEET FUNDING AGENCIES (Foundations, government and industry)
  7. MEET LEADERS AND PIONEERS in your field
  8. MARKET your research/ideas to investors/grant makers
  9. COMMERCIALIZE your ideas
  10. GAIN ACCESS to our scientists, engineers, surgeons and physicians from multiple different disciplines at once.
  11. DEMONSTRATE your state of the art technologies at one of the top brain and spinal cord conventions in the world.
  12. MAKE THE DIFFERENCE and reinforce your visibility beyond the exhibition area through discussion groups, workshops and hands on courses.
  13. ENHANCE your know-how and stay abreast of industry changes and state-of-the-art in the field.
  14. RETURN ON INVESTMENT  Increase your bottom line with face-to face contact with potential investors.
  15. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE  Your participation at the conference provides you the opportunity to spend quality time with the leaders in the community and get your message across more effectively and efficiently.
  16. ATTRACT and influence attendees at every stage of their career, from students to entry level scientists to acknowledged leaders in their scientific fields.
  17. INTERACT with a focused and attentive audience during scientific and educational activities, such as exhibitor- hosted workshops, division programming, poster sessions, and other meeting activities.
  18. NETWORK with our attendees during social events held during the conference.
  19. PROMOTE your organization through multiple networking opportunities and develop business -to-business contacts.
  20. OBTAIN CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION (CME) - The program is Jointly sponsored by American Association of Neurological Surgeons
  21. VISIT beautiful local senses
  22. EXPLORE JOB CENTER and see what other opportunities are out there for you.
  23. EXPLORE HOW YOU CAN JOIN TO NEW CLINICAL TRIALS and find new collaborators
  24. BENEFIT FROM THE REFFERAL NETWORK for your clinical practice

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