Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics

CME Need Assessment

In recent years astonishing advances have contributed to amazing discoveries and breakthroughs in fields of neurology, neuroscience, neurosurgery, radiology, engineering, computer science, nanotechnology, medical imaging, medical devices and cellular/stem cell therapy.

These scientific advances also have contributed to the large gap of knowledge amongst the scientists in different disciplines. One of the major challenges of 21st century for the scientific community is how to close such gaps of knowledge amongst multiple disciplines.

We have designed the annual meeting of SBMT to address such challenge by bringing together world class experts across multiple disciplines. Moreover, we have identified a need for progressive integration of nanotechnology, cellular therapy with medical devices and imaging.

This is why we have chosen "Nano-Bio-Electronics" as the theme of the 14th Annual world Congress of SBMT in Los Angeles. The purpose of the annual meeting is to create an interactive environment, which foster cross pollination of ideas and pave the way for birth of new treatment and diagnostic modalities in the field.

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