Robin Sidhu Memorial Young Scientist Award

Robin Sidhu

Late Robin Sidhu (1988 – 2015), a young ebullient science driven and information technology (IT) savvy person, died of an accident at an early age. He grew up as a handsome boy with an ambition to learn and make a difference in human health through education and innovation. He gained education in science at the tertiary level and then developed a passion in IT. In a very short time he launched himself into IT business and excelled and impressed his mates and superiors with his innovative ideas. He continued to enrich his knowledge on human health & completed hands on training on stem cells and human health.

As an Australian, Robin excelled in cricket and was a part of an inter zone team and won a cricket bowler’s trophy. Fitness was his motto and he was fitness first junky going to gym every day and had a pulse for optimal human nutrition. In addition, he learnt and practiced guitar to enrich his mind in leisure.

He was a noble soul, always humble, respectful and thoughtful in his conversation and dealing with others. His ethics, morality & compassion were unparalleled, always caring and respectful to other’s viewpoints. His mission to accomplish in-depth understanding of human mind and health remained incomplete due to his early departure but his legacy will remain through supporting young innovative minds in science through this young investigator award.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Nominees must be a member of SBMT. New members are eligible to apply.
  2. Young scientist is defined as an individual who was awarded a doctoral degree (M.D., Ph.D., D.O., etc) and is 30 years old or younger as on March 27, 2016.
  3. Nominees must submit an abstract and be the presenting author at the Annual SBMT Congress. The winner is obliged to give an oral presentation at the congress.
  4. Candidates engaged in original research in any of the topic(s) covered in the following link with focus on applying information technology (IT), bioinformatics, bioengineering, or mathematical modeling techniques in the area listed in the topics at are encouraged to apply.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Originality of work.
  2. Creativity in applying IT related principles to solve a challenging clinical and/or scientific problem.
  3. Independent execution of ideas.
  4. Background and significance/impact of the work of the nominee in specified areas of award

The Award will include:

A Cheque of US $1,000 & a trophy, and a fixed grant for accommodation and travel maximum of US $1400.

How to apply:

Send the following materials to () on or before March 25th 2016 The winner will be announced by March 31st.

  1. CV
  2. SBMT membership number. Visit to become a member.
  3. Proof of DOB by copy of passport, official government-issued ID, or certificate.
  4. Personal statement (maximum 500 words) should indicate salient achievements relevant to the selection criteria for this award.
  5. An abstract of presentation at

Past Recipients of the Robin Sidhu Memorial Young Scientist Award

Ruogu Fang

2016 Award Recipient

Ruogu Fang

Assistant Professor, Computing and Information Sciences, and Director of FIU's Smart Medical Informatics Learning and Evaluation (SMILE) Group